Lab Reports

Applica can automatically process thousands of forms in minutes, regardless of complexity or variability.

The SItuation

A US-based provider in healthcare and forensic laboratory sciences was executing five categories of lab reports before COVID-19 hit. When the demand for COVID-19 tests started in 2020, the company’s overall volume rapidly increased to 6,000 tests per day. The reporting process was laborious and had inherent risks because it required a human to rekey data from each form into an internal system for every requisition. The semi-structured requisition forms included checkboxes and signatures, plus over time they changed due to updated formatting and new screening categories, which resulted in further processing complications.

The Problem

The team of six people responsible for data entry of the requisition forms simply couldn't keep pace with demand, as it would take the time of 20 employees to meet the surge surrounding COVID-19 tests. This resulted in a major bottleneck for operations, because even with each employee spending a maximum of 90 seconds on each form, turnaround times to healthcare providers were significantly delayed.

The Solution

Applica automated ingestion of the lab’s requisition forms and automatically extracted and classified the relevant data into a model that could be quickly surfaced up into their internal system. Additionally, with Applica’s solution able to identify any problematic requisitions upon arrival, the error rate went down precipitously and prevented numerous problems down the line.

The Results

All 6,000 daily requisition forms are now processed in 10 minutes vs. the multiple days it would take the team to work through that volume previously. The team of six have successfully scaled up their operations and are now doing the work of 20 employees, leading to a cost savings of nearly $1 million for the organization.

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