Debt Collection Automation

Applica automates 90% of manual tasks and eliminates 85% of human errors.

The SItuation

One of the largest debt collection agencies in Europe manually processes more than 200,000 unique legal documents per month.

The Problem

Debt collectors typically purchase debt portfolios in batches and the workloads may vary significantly. This is hard to plan for so the agency must remain fully staffed at all times. Additionally, within debt portfolios certain cases must be prioritized to meet regulatory deadlines, while others can be handled within due course. Human errors are particularly costly, which lead to loss of revenues and delays.

The Solution

Applica was deployed in an AWS secure cloud. The solution is being used via standard APIs accessed by the customer’s document management system. Maintenance of the solution is performed through interactions with business users running quality control (results of the quality control are fed back to the platform for continuous improvement of the AI models).

The Results

The agency automated 90% of what was previously done manually and eliminated 85% of human errors. The document turnover time decreased to less than one second per page and 90 full-time employees were reassigned to higher value work.

More Use cases

Financial Services
Mortgage Origination
Comprehend and extract information from nearly all document types involved in the mortgage life cycle–resulting in greater speed, scalability, and profitability.
Loss Runs
Applica eliminates the need for data labeling and requires less time, effort, and fewer document samples than other solutions, giving you more control over loss run reports and data lake analysis.
Lab Reports
Applica can automatically process thousands of forms in minutes, regardless of complexity or variability.

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