Webinar | may 25, 2022

Optimize Your Lab Processes with Applica

Applica is an innovative solution that understands any document

Transformation is coming. During this presentation you saw first-hand how Applica is helping US-based lab companies streamline their lab requisition processes to improve accuracy and speed of testing, achieve scalability, and remove overhead.

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laboratory requisition automation at scale

Applica recently completed work for a forensic toxicology and healthcare laboratory that provides science-driven drug testing by automating paper-based lab requisitions traditionally entered through manual efforts and achieved the following results:
• 71.3% straight through processing
• 90%+ accuracy on all fields
• Trained on a fraction of one day's data
• Existing staff was 40% more efficient

Fits Into Your Workflow
No need to reengineer anything:
Applica works alongside your existing tools, both with cloud providers and on-premise. You can also integrate Applica into RPA or other ECMs for seamless straight-through processing.
Easy-to-Use Interface
Designed with the business user in mind, Applica doesn’t require any engineering, data science, or AI knowledge for its operation and maintenance. If you know how to use a spreadsheet, you can use Applica.
Low Overall Costs
With a reasonable cost of ownership and no engineering uplift required, Applica democratizes automation for organizations of all sizes—in practically any industry.

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