Mortgage origination

Comprehend and extract information from nearly all document types involved in the mortgage life cycle–resulting in greater speed, scalability, and profitability.
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automate the manual work

Quicker Time to Close
Clients can expect to close loans 12 days faster, giving customers a hassle-free experience while also gaining the speed edge in a competitive environment.
Lower Origination Costs
While human processing time averages one minute per page, Applica can process each page in less than five seconds, enabling faster time to value.
40% Throughput Increase
By processing over 20 types of mortgage documents, Applica lets employees focus on more value-added tasks that bolster the customer experience.

what our clients say

“We are a small to mid-sized organization. In the mortgage business, we have to be very cost-conscious. Being able to have our hands on a no-code technology platform like Applica, without the need to employ highly technical staff, has been a game-changer.”
Joseph Cicali, Chief Strategy Officer
Garden State Home Loans

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