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Edge out the competition and become the first ones to quote by leveraging the power of Applica to make faster, more informed underwriting decisions. 
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automate the manual work

Comprehension of Any Format
Applica is the only solution that can mimic human intelligence, thanks to understanding data points that only make sense if taken in context with other data points within the document.
Better Decisioning
Risk assessment and reporting improves with near-real-time data, which can be leveraged to create data lakes on customer claims, trends, etc. for more informed underwriting.
Decreased Processing Time
Extraction time is reduced to five seconds per page and underwriters can solely focus on more difficult decisions that require industry expertise and human judgment.

what our clients say

“We previously tried multiple intelligent automation solutions, but none of them could manage the variability of our loss runs. With the competitive nature of today’s insurance industry, it’s imperative that we continue to leverage Applica in order to offer the best rates while also accelerating our claims handling and policy servicing for existing customers.”
Automation COE Director
US-based Insurance Company

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