Lab reports

Reduce the amount of human involvement in the process of capturing and processing data. Aid timely decision-making efforts and accelerate the process.
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automate the manual work

Flexibility and Scalability
With Applica on board, lab companies can process all necessary forms instantaneously–regardless of how many people are in sudden need of testing or any other fluctuations in demand.
Increase Profit Margins
Equipped to handle over 3x the amount of documents without altering staffing levels, lab companies can process more requisitions than ever before, resulting in higher revenues.
Decrease Errors
With Applica able to identify problematic requisitions upon arrival, errors are caught in the beginning instead of at the end, after the work has already been completed.

what our clients say

“The testing surges we saw during the early waves of COVID were absolutely overwhelming. Even after adding a third shift, we were still struggling to get patient information from the requisition forms into our database. By implementing Applica we’ve been able to straight-through-process the majority of our paper-based documents without any human in-the-loop involvement, leading to tremendous time and cost savings.”
Laboratory Testing Company

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