Know your client (KYC)

Process your documents quicker, cheaper, and with more accuracy than human lawyers.
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automate the manual work

Optimized Workflow
Applica can be trained on an extremely small number of examples and achieves 1:1 replacement of attorneys for a process that previously required manual scrutiny of documents.
Enhanced Customer Service
By automating a manual process that often took 48 hours, Applica is able to decrease turnover time to mere minutes per document, greatly improving speed of service.
Future-Proof Operations
Because Applica’s technology is continuously improving, it comes with low total cost of ownership, regardless of external market conditions and surges in demand.

what our clients say

“It’s amazing to think that in the not-too-distant past we were spending multiple days verifying and opening client accounts, versus the whole process taking just a few minutes with Applica. We can project a significant uptick with our customer service surveys for the coming quarter because of how much quicker our response times are.”
VP Technology Infrastructure
Top 5 US Bank

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