Invoice processing

While many solutions claim to automate invoices, most do so only on certain predefined templates. Applica can comprehend a vast range of document types, regardless of formatting, language, or structural variability, for invoice processing that works in the real world.
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automate the manual work

Invoices of Every Type
Applica comprehends whatever variety of invoice types you need handled because our AI-based solution is template-agnostic. Hundreds or thousands of different formats pose no problem at all.
Line Item Extraction
Most solutions can extract basic data points, but struggle with interpreting line items. Applica can extract line items regardless of the variability among your document types.
Multilingual Adaptability
Applica is able to understand invoices that feature multiple languages, as well as multilingual invoices that are not triaged (e.g.: 100k total invoices with 40k in English, 30k in German, 20k in French, 10k in Dutch).

what our clients say

“Other intelligent automation vendors we’ve implemented previously struggled to support our complex invoices. For instance, we often have variants of multiple invoices within the same document or we require multi-language support due to the global nature of our business. Applica can do what no one else could and it’s completely transforming the way invoices cycle through our organization.”
Data Science Lead
Multinational Energy Management Company

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