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Applica’s insurance customers have seen


Touchless Claims
The corner cases are used to continuously improve the model for future use.


Faster Processing
Underwriters can focus on decisions better suited for human intelligence.


More Data Unlocked
Information moves from paper stacks to data lakes to make better underwriting decisions.

Learn which insurance processes you can automate

Leverage Applica's solution to streamline legacy workflows while simultaneously mitigating human errors and optimizing resource utilization.
Loss Runs
Eliminate the need for data labeling with no time, less effort, and fewer document samples. Gain more control over loss run reports and data lake analysis.
Know Your Client (KYC)
Process your documents quicker, cheaper, and with more accuracy than human lawyers.
Contract Management
Reimagine the contract management process—less time searching and more time acting on relevant information.
Customer Care
Extract and classify relevant content to speed up the response time to a customer request.
Your Use Case
Build custom-made models to automate all data from diverse documents, ranging from analyst reports to tax forms and virtually everything in between.
Invoice Processing
Comprehend a vast range of document types, regardless of formatting, language, or structural variability, for invoice processing that works in the real world.

What makes Applica Different

Advanced Technology
Applica developed the only commercially available generative language model for business documents. 
Q&A Interface
Ask questions and get answers in natural language–no bounding boxes or data annotation required. 
Quicker Setup
Legacy automation tools take 1-2 weeks to complete model training; Applica does everything in just a few hours. 

Multiple industries supported

Browse other industries and learn how Applica’s solutions can automate manual task

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