Debt collection

Simplify clerical tasks and enable employees to focus their efforts on more demanding tasks and get deeper understanding of defaulters.
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automate the manual work

Straight-Through Processing
Even when the majority of documents don’t share a common template, Applica is able to comprehend 90% without any human supervision at an accuracy rate of 90%.
Scalability and Agility
Debt collectors typically purchase debt portfolios in batches and workloads can vary significantly. Applica adapts smoothly to fluctuations in demand.
Increasing Revenue
Team efficiencies have improved by 60% and the same staff is able to process more documents with better-than-manual accuracy rates, for a 20% increase in company revenue.

what our clients say

“As a debt collection company, we process tens of thousands of documents per month. These include ongoing correspondence with courts and bailiffs. At one point, due to the monthly volume of incoming correspondence, difficulties arose for us in planning human resources to handle such a large and fluctuating volume of documents. At the same time, we wanted to maintain a short turnover rate within the deadlines imposed by law. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to smoothly handle a large number of different documents in a short time. That’s when we established cooperation with Applica, which was the best solution to our needs.”
Bartosz Bohdanowicz, Automation Coordinator
Ultimo (part of B2Holding)

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