The Future of Understanding Information

Technology that learns with each document

At Applica, we’re convinced that deep learning is the only viable approach to automating documents. That’s why our solution is designed to not just understand anything but to also learn on its own—and get smarter each day.

Not all documents are created equal: While some are structured or template-based, the majority differ depending on their content. This variability means that the technology used to understand documents needs to adapt dynamically—to every document it processes.

Managing Variability

What makes
Applica Different

Creating Order

Tackling Uncommon Templates

Applica has developed a unique technology that accounts for variability—and processes documents regardless of their structure.

Most AI requires supervised machine learning using large volumes of annotated documents. Thanks to our progressive neural language modeling techniques, Applica reduces supervised learning to a minimum.
Ready to Go

Minimal Fine-Tuning Required

Because Applica’s deep learning-based solution is pre-trained on huge datasets, it “learns” to recognize all kinds of text and, unlike machine learning-based solutions, isn’t limited to specific layouts.

The advantage? The majority of training will already be done by the time you log on to Applica. Simply input your own documents. Only minimal fine-tuning is needed to fully process them.

Applica’s Unique Technology

Applica’s approach ensures constant evolution—whereas the competition remains stuck with a one-size-fits-all solution.




Static Approach

Next-Generation Tech

Layout-Aware Language Model
The most effective NLP methods are based on neural language modeling. Our approach takes it to the next level whereas the competition remains stuck with a solution that only works with a fraction of use cases.
Graphical embeddings (such as signatures and radio buttons), have been the holy grail of document automation. Our progressive language model understands it.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Applica’s unique solution has won multiple awards and outperformed other AI solutions at various challenges.
September 2021
Applica won the 2021 Best Industry Related Paper Award for LAMBERT: Layout-Aware Language Modeling for Information Extraction
April 2021
Applica’s innovative TILT model crushed the competition in the ICDAR Infographics VQA Challenge
March 2021
Applica continued to dominate the venerated Key Information Extraction Competition
February 2021
Applica beat all other AI solutions in the Document Visual Question Answering Challenge

Want to Find Out More?

In our research papers, the Applica team documents the science behind the technology.
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