The Most Advanced Solution for Document Automation

Making sense 0f all your information

For too long, humans have had to do the tedious work machines are best at: sorting through information and making sense of it.

Automation used to work on only the most basic 20% of document types.

Until now.
Applica leverages cutting-edge research based on deep learning methodologies to process documents similar to the way the human mind does. Taking into consideration layout, graphics, and semantics, our solution enables the precise answers required for complex business processes.
Supercharge Your Business

Gain Efficiency and Peace of Mind

Improve Operational Efficiency
Stop searching for information over and over again: Applica’s unparalleled document understanding significantly speeds up daily business processes.
Accelerate Sales Cycles
Now that complex and variable documents can be automated, organizations can make faster, more accurate decisions. By enabling quicker time to value, this provides a distinct competitive advantage as customers continually expect more for their money.
Mitigate Human Errors
People make mistakes–especially when dealing with repetitive tasks. Applica takes over this tedious work, eliminates errors and freeing your team up to do higher-level tasks better suited to human intelligence.
Unlock New Revenue Streams
Applica connects the dots between your various document types. Automating previously disparate processes decreases your overhead costs and frees up time to use the newly-gained insights for strategic decision-making.

Able to Process Whatever You Throw at It

Using deep learning, Applica can recognize and interpret text in virtually all documents. Get it to make sense of the longest paper trail or the deepest archive.


A Solution
Like no other

Applica uses cutting-edge deep learning to finally solve the problem of document variability.

  • Extracts Information From Any Type of Document
    Unlike legacy tools which can only comprehend basic formatting
  • Interface Built Specifically for Business Users
    No coding or sophisticated data science skills required
  • Cross-References Existing Data from External Sources
    It even audits information you didn’t know was incorrect
  • Any Environment, Any Integration
    Works on-prem, in the cloud, or wherever compute is available

See What Applica Can Do For your organization

During a demo, we‘ll show you how Applica extracts information from any document type, allowing for unparalleled rates of straight-through automation.