May 27, 2022

Join Applica at the Money20/20 Conference

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be in person at the Money20/20 Conference (kiosk G-12) in Amsterdam, from 7-9 June. As one of the biggest fintech events of the year, it will be a great opportunity to showcase how Applica’s unique technology can automate business documents that were previously impossible for a machine to understand. 

Applica’s AI-based document processing solution is changing the game for enterprise organizations in the finance space. Our brain-inspired technology interprets documents and makes human-like decisions regardless of data type, layout, or language.

Applica’s customers have seen:

  • 90%+ accuracy level of extraction 
  • 75% cost reduction vs. manual review 
  • 30% increase in revenue
  • 7% boost in Net Promoter Scores
  • Processing time decreased from hours to < 5 minutes 

Interested in talking more in depth about your organization’s needs? Set a meeting with us: 

Piotr Cekiera

Sales Director 

Won’t be in attendance but still eager to see Applica in action? Request a demo today.

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