December 15, 2021

Are You Prepared for Omicron?

When a new COVID variant breaks loose, lab report companies are hit hard. Fortunately, Applica-powered scalability can fix the bottleneck problem to put public safety first.

The utility of deep learning for companies in the healthcare sector is undeniable and multifaceted. From intake forms to insurance claims and liability waivers, the onslaught of paperwork weighs heavily on the industry: not only is medical care slow and expensive, it is also prone to error and unequipped to handle sudden surges in demand. And what is a global pandemic of life-threatening respiratory illness if not a radical surge in demand?

While correcting healthcare as a whole is not a job for one company, ours has been solving one important source of bottlenecks: lab test reporting. Because while Applica can be a game-changer for any company slowed down by forms and other documents, during the present pandemic our solution is perhaps most urgent and vital in the processing of COVID lab reports. In this sphere, failures of supply in response to surges in demand have been notorious for crippling labs across the world, but labs and the testees are not the only ones to bear the consequences of these setbacks. After all, the longer it takes for test results, the more unchecked spreading is likely to occur.

With Omicron on every continent and the constant possibility of further mutations on the horizon, 2022 is shaping up to be a year of intensive testing. Expediting COVID tests at an increased rate will be as essential to public safety as following quarantine protocols to the letter. Lab report companies will have to rise to the occasion and accommodate whatever volume of testing is required at any given time. Processing reports manually is likely to prove untenable, with no amount of planning sufficient to match the capacity of supply to the flow of demand. Bottlenecks at peak transmission times will risk not just a company’s good standing, but the community’s health. It’s our expert view that only true scalability will allow a lab report company to weather the Omicron storm and others like it.

Applica’s firsthand experience with automating the ingestion and analysis of a wide variety of lab requisition forms makes our solution not just tailor-made for this challenge—and uniquely suited to automating these documents—but also field-tested. Our solution has been used to process thousands of requisition forms in minutes, as opposed to the multiple days it was taking human workers to work through that volume previously. Not only have we solved a company’s backlog problem, but we’ve allowed a team of six to do the work of  twenty employees, leading to net gains of $1 million for the organization. Now, information is automatically extracted and classified into models that quickly surface up into the appropriate company system. Additionally, with Applica’s solution able to identify any problematic requisitions upon arrival, the error rate has gone down precipitously, preventing numerous problems down the line. For more details, see Applica’s Lab Report Use Case.

In sum, the way Applica can automatically process forms isn’t just about convenience and business edge anymore. With timely and accurate COVID testing absolutely crucial to public safety, Applica’s deep learning-based solution solves a major problem for the industry by allowing total scalability of lab reporting. With Applica on board, lab companies can process all necessary forms instantaneously—regardless of how many people are in sudden need of testing.

If you work with Applica you will not only gain speed, accuracy, and scalability when it comes to processing lab reports. You will also be immunized against wild surges in demand. And we’ll guide you toward ways you can optimize document structures with your clients, for even more speed, accuracy, and security in these uncertain times.

Interested in learning more about how Applica can make your lab report workflows efficient and scalable? Contact one of our experts today.

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