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The world’s most advanced generative language model for business document comprehension.
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Making sense of
all your information

TILT is superior to every other model in the space because it was specifically designed for business document comprehension, not general language comprehension.

How does Applica API work?

Ask questions

Run Python scripts to start asking questions through a REST API.

Check answers

You will get an answer based on document’s content.

Clarify your answers

To get the better answers, you need to be as specific as possible with your questions.

Run in production

After defining questions and validating them, you can package multiple questions into a single model ready for production. If needed, fine tune your model using annotated data.


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  • Ease of use.
    Ask TILT questions and get results in natural language.
  • Model production ready.
    In a few simple steps you have a model ready to be used in production.
  • TILT.
    The only model on the market than can solve for business document complexity and variability.
  • UI or API.
    Your choice whether to use the GUI or communicate directly through the API.

applica's customers have seen:


Up to 90% of out of the box accuracy rate


Cost reduction vs. manual review

< 5 min

Processing time decreased from hours to less than 5 minutes

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