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Companies from a range of industries use Applica to decode and automate even their most complex documents. Based on cutting-edge deep learning, it‘s the most powerful and comprehensive solution available.
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Comprehend Anything

Unlock Full Document Automation

For too long, people have been doing the work of machines. No longer: Applica’s human-level document comprehension frees your team from repetitive tasks, unlocks more effiency, and creates new revenue streams.

Understand Anything

Using deep learning, Applica can recognize and interpret information even in complex, extremely variable documents. No matter if it’s text, tables, signatures, or checkboxes, our technology rapidly interprets virtually any document type—and easily tackles the longest paper trail or deepest archive.

Make Sense of It

Applica’s solution enables human-level comprehension across your documents. It understands information, its context, and categorizes it for you. Looking for that needle in a haystack? We got you.

Reap the Rewards

Applica lets you replace laborious manual work with efficient automation. The best part? You don’t even need expensive AI scientists on your team: Applica’s easy-to-use interface lets your analysts get insights from day one.

More Efficiency

What Our Clients Accomplish With Applica

Documents are complex but your process doesn’t need to be. Learn how Applica can automate previously manual processes, turbocharging turnaround times from days to seconds.
Applica takes the pain out of document processing for a wide range of financial services organizations. Edge out the competition by harnessing previously inaccessible data and make more informed decisions.
Applica automates variable insurance documents reliably and quickly, regardless of their length or complexity so that team members can be moved to higher value tasks better suited to human intelligence.
Stop searching, start finding. Applica enables incredibly fast and accurate automation from complex real estate documents, including mortgage origination, contracts, and more.
Applica doesn’t take sick days or make errors because of boredom with repetitive work. Learn how you can revolutionize contract management and legal debt collection processes with just a few clicks.
The human mind wasn’t designed for repetitive tasks. Applica handles routine queries and deduces submissions—ensuring that customer care agents can focus on more complex cases and provide more positive resolutions for your clients.

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Discover how you can leverage Applica’s powerful technology for your business.

Cutting-Edge Technology that Comprehends Anything

Applica uses advanced deep learning to finally solve the problem of document variability.
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The vast majority of documents are processed in a fully automated manner. Humans deal with the small fraction of corner cases, which the system learns from for future use.
Human-Level Precision
Applica delivers precision equal to or better than that of humans in tasks such as document classification and extraction of information from unstructured and semi-structured text.
Hyper Learning
Thanks to advanced neural language modeling, even non-experts can train Applica using as little as 1% of the amount of examples required by other AI systems.
No-Code AI
Applica features an easy-to-use interface that can be managed by typical business users. No need for expensive AI experts when anyone in your organization can leverage Applica‘s document processing power.
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