Companies from a range of industries use Applica to decode and automate even their most complex documents. Based on cutting-edge deep learning, it‘s the most powerful and comprehensive document automation solution available.

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best-in-class Automation

Applica comprehends vastly more document types than any other solution on the market. Use it to finally free your team of repetitive tasks, create new revenue streams, and achieve up to 70% cost savings.


Applica’s AI-based automation software recognizes and interprets information in seconds, handling even the most complex documents with over 90% accuracy.

No matter if your documents contain text, tables, signatures, or checkboxes: Applica is up to the task.


Applica enables human-level comprehension across your documents: It understands information, its context, and categorizes it for you.

Looking for that needle in the haystack? We got you.


With Applica you can replace laborious manual work with efficient document automation. Reduce your team’s workload and slash turnaround times, all in one go.

The best part? You don’t need expensive AI scientists or engineers on your team: Our easy-to-use interface gives your analysts instant access to all the information contained in your documents.

outperforming the competition

Our solution has won multiple third-party benchmarks for its unique approach and regularly beats the prominent industry behemoths.
September 2021
Applica won the 2021 Best Industry Related Paper Award for LAMBERT: Layout-Aware Language Modeling for Information Extraction
April 2021
Applica’s innovative TILT model crushed the competition in the ICDAR Infographics VQA Challenge
March 2021
Applica continued to dominate the venerated Key Information Extraction Competition
February 2021
Applica beat all other AI solutions in the Document Visual Question Answering Challenge

ISO 27001

By investing in the necessary tools and infrastructure to keep our data sufficiently protected, Applica obtained ISO 27001 compliance after a third-party professional audit.
More Efficiency

What Our Clients Accomplish With Applica

Documents are complex but your process doesn’t need to be. Learn how Applica can automate previously manual processes, turbocharging turnaround times from days to seconds.
Applica takes the pain out of document processing for a wide range of financial services organizations. Edge out the competition by harnessing previously inaccessible data and make more informed decisions.
Applica automates variable insurance documents reliably and quickly, regardless of their length or complexity so that team members can be moved to higher value tasks better suited to human intelligence.

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