„A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God”

Alan Perlis

Advanced text mining and semantic text analysis

  • Analysis of e-mail, social media, call center conversations transcriptions as well as open questions in surveys
  • In-depth analysis of Customer Experience
  • Identification of the source of customer dissatisfaction as well as customers that are likely to churn, diagnosis of most common customer care problems and an assessment of customer care agents
  • Automation of customer care processes

Semantic ad targeting and user profiling

  • Precise online ad targeting and brand safety based on semantic analyses of content
  • High-quality user profiles and resulting campaigns that reach wide audiences
  • Integration with leading programmatic platforms

Fully automated moderation of user-generated posts and comments

  • Filtering of undesirable content – amongst others hate speech, real-life threats, profanities, defamatory content and spam.
  • A way to minimize legal risks related to defamatory posts and comments
  • Accuracy proximate to human moderators
  • Cloud-based service
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